The top 3 apps to back up your photos


#1. Google photos help

We all know how google is perfect when it comes to making apps. This app is not an exception from the unique apps that Google experts have made and installed so far. It is very simple to use and people can download it in the android and IOS operating system. You can backup either photos or videos any time and it always keep on being updated so its services become excellent and excellent every each day. You do not need any supplement app to do this back up of photos

#2. Helium app

This is the best app so far with capability to be used in mobile phones and desktops or pcs. It is designed to synchronize and back up all data including photos and videos. People have given it excellent reviews due to its perfect make and easy usability. It is now the best app that people use because it can perform all these tasks without rooting your device which many apps cannot do that. Get it now for free and enjoy its wonderful services because it is the best so far in the market.

#3. Ultimate back up.

As the name suggests, it is the ultimate app that people can get the best back up services. You can also manage your apps and you will have the autonomy to regulate which app to run and which one to close. For over five years now, it has been used as the best photo and video back up that has produced wonderful results to the users. You can also back up calls, WIFI and SMS which comes as a bonus to the users. There is a free version and a $2.9 version that people can take depending on their choice.

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