Forgot to save a word file? Here’s how to find it!


It depends with the kind of operating system one is using.

#1. Windows 8


Open the windows explorer by pressing the windows logo plus the letter E. This will take you to the search this PC box and once you are there, you should type the name of the document or the top letters and press enter. If you see the name, you have to double click it to open and you don’t stay with me to the next step. If you don’t find, go to the search box and write the word dox and then press enter. If it does not consider the universal step for all systems below.

#2. Windows 7


You first of all need to click start. Type the name of the document of the search box. Press enter if it does not appear, write the dox again and if it fails then you have to follow the below step.

#3. Universal process

You have to end all the word process or documents that are currently running. This is started by opening the dialogue box which users start by Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Es to open it before the next step. Once you open you will find the winword.exce which you must click it. You then end the process. Close the dialogue box after you have closed every word doc. Restart the windows and you can get the auto file recovery which is meant to display all the files including the unsaved ones.

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