Every business is typically and this calls for more typically advertising ways to ensure that the goals of the business are met. Below are some of the advertising tools that people can use and their prices.

#1. Premium embedded ad sponsorship

This is made to pop up on the page every now and then. It keeps rotating on the page to win the attention of customers and ensure that they click it where they would then be redirected back to your website. The size of the ad should not be more than 30kb. You animate but no using of flash.

#2. Sponsored reviews.

You can post sponsored reviews at the site where people would see it. It is given more than ten hours exposure where a lot of people would see it. This costs $500 per sponsored review and it should not exceed 15kb because that is the standard size of reviews required on the blog.

#3. Sponsored tweets.

It could be one of your customers tweeting to order or congratulate, any sponsored tweet is allowed. This would be shown more than three times so that you gain maximum returns from your investment. This costs $117 per tweet. Others include having your business advertised through the individual email subscribers which is pretty excellent because the people get the message direct to their emails.